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Dethleffs A5881

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Hi Bill

As said manuals in English probably existed but lost by previous.

It has a Truma heating collar fitted ex factory to the unit with no operating instructions. Checked fuses wiring and fuse board turned on at isolator and waited no water temp increase. Not able to get warm air blowing is this blow pressure variable any where?.

Fridge is a RM ? Domestic by Electrolux. Turn left dial to mains power i get fridge interior light on but not getting colder or rhand indicator possibly shoud come on. Recon Fridge is Kaput. Van is as http://motorhomes.autotrader.co.uk/used-motorhomes/dethleffs/globetrotter/2003-dethleffs-globetrotter-advantage-6-berth-sorry-now-sold-burnham-on-sea-mfpa-8ac901a94700be8e014716be1d32249f/makemodel/make/dethleffs


I could go on but U have answers i bet on previous messages


i'm scanning the german text i have and putting thru Google Translate await for an explosion in Somerset

Regards Paul


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English-language Installation/Operating instructions specifically for Truma’s 230V ‘heating collar’ can be found here




There’s nothing sophisticated about the water-heating collar. 230V mains power is supplied to it via an On/Off switch and its operation is then controlled via an integrated thermostat. As long as 230V power is reaching the collar it should function (albeit slowly, as only 450W is involved). If the collar does not function, despite 230V reaching it, the thermostat is likely to have failed and repair is not practicable.


The collar was an option for Truma C-series combination air/water heaters and English-language Installation/Operating documentation for these can be found here




with the models fitted with the heating collar indicated by “(EL)”. The Operating Instructions include trouble-shooting advice that may help you with your blown-air problem.


Electrolux manuals can be downloaded from here




There’s usually a label inside the fridge that allows the ‘RM’ model-number to be identified.


If your fridge won’t cool on gas, 230V or 12V, it may need replacement. If it won’t cool on one (or two) of those power sources, but will otherwise cool, it very likely will be fixable. Failure to cool on 230V may just mean that the 230V heating element needs replacing.

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