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Peugeot Boxer Ducato 2003 Interior Cab Light how to remove?


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Hi got the above (Ducato shared cab)


Want to tap in to live feed foe reverse camera but lens on cabin light doesnt want to budge?


Am i missing a trick as I dont want to crack the plastic and get moand at by Er Indoors!


Main dealers mechs say too old to remember???????????


Any help appreciated, thanks

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You really have given to the poor!


The Boxer was the same jobbie as the whole unit falls out giving full access to the workings.


I chose to trace the cable along the roof lining and down the driver side rubber to the fuse box. The video and power for the camera were tucked down the hole for the hand brake and tie wrapped along the chassis to the rear where i used the hole for the gas heater (gas escape venting) getting the cables up to the camera. through the top lockers.


Thank you for taking the time to post the relevant pages from your manual.


:-D :-D :-D

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