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Alicante to Cherbourg


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Can anyone suggest a Motorhome friendly - but toll free - route to Cherbourg, please?


We can live with the fairly modest cost of tolls in Spain, but do want avoid the high charges in France. Also, recommended stop overs gratefully received!


We are looking to go around the 24th of October, with late afternoon sailing.


Many Thanks

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Hi, the route that I take is:

day one

AP7 Benidorm to Valencia 13 euros.

A23 to Zaragoza via Teruel, dual carriageway (free)

continue on A23 to Huesca still dual carriageway (free)

continue on A23 now single but good road to sabinanigo.

At this point I turn right heading for laruns via Biescas.or you can go straight on to the somport tunnel.

never done tunnel so can`t comment.

As you head down hill from the old frontier (which is at the apex of the road) look for a lake formed by a dam on your right, turn right and there is an aire there, or park along side the lake. There is also an aire in Laruns on a large dedicated car park, (I think it is 7 euros). This is a very scenic route over the Pyrenees.

day two

travel via Mont de Marsan towards Bordeaux join the free auto route and continue to Ste Maure de Touraine via Angoulene, Poitiers and Chatellerault. This is a mixture of single and dual carriageway, some prefer to scoot round Poitiers on the Peage.

There are two Aires at Ste Maure, one a private pay for you want, which is on the right before you drop down into the town, the other is free,which a right turn just as you enter the main street (before going up the hill) then turn left into the aire.


day three


I head for an aire at Cap Blanc Nez just before Calais. Via Tours, Chartres,Dreux, Evreux Rouen and Abbeville. A mixture of dual and single roads.


You will have to cut across to Cherbourg well before. Can`t help with any Aires that way, but Vicarious books at Folkestone do a comprehensive air book for various countries. They have a website.


Bon Journee



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Hi, Following the route Foxy gave to Bordeaux is fine. The Somport tunnel is excellent. Beyond Bordeaux head for Saintes, Niort, Saumer, Laval, Avranches then Caen and Cherbourg. All toll free roads.

Safe travelling


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Would agree with Colin's route. We did this year (other way round) in 2 days. You can always stay on the marina in Cherbourg, if you get there too early. I take it you are going to Poole, as the Portsmouth route ends in September, which is the one we like (on the fast cat)

Possibly going back that way end of August, but to Portugal



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