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Connecting fridge

newbie camper

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I've just bought my first ever campervan and realise I have a lot to learn :$


The fridge that came in the van is a three way Electrolux and is not connected...there is a single green wire as well as a three wire flex with plug cut off. Not entirely sure how I connect it all up...any advice would be welcome :$

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Locate the model number of the fridge and have a Google as there may well a wiring diagram on the Dometic website(Dometic took over Electrolux some years ago)


DO NOT run the fridge on 12 volts from your engine battery unless the engine is running as you will flatten it, and you may, depending on model, need a 12 volt connection to power the gas igniter unless it's a push and click piezo type.


It's probably best used on gas when stationary unless you are on a site with electric mains hook up, for which you will need a removable plug in lead with the right connections and a socket and fused and RCD protected distribution board onboard.

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You’d be wise to invest in this book




as it provides strightforward technical information about a motorhome’s various systems (including a complete chapter dedicated to refrigerators).


From what you’ve said in another posting, this book (by the same author) might also be useful




As Tracker advises, if you are able to identify the model of refrigerator you have (there’s usually a label inside the fridge) you should be able to find an on-line manual for it. This will provide basic installation instructions (including electrical wiring) for the fridge and operating advice. However, it won’t provide information about the electrical circuitry prior to the appliance itself (how the 12V and 240V power-supplies should be installed, what electrical relays might be fitted, etc.) The “three wire flex” will supply 240V power to the fridge and the “single green wire” will supply 12V power, but you’ll need to establish what electrical equipment is already present in your camper that will be needed to connect up the fridge. For example, your camper would need to have the equipment Tracker mentions (connection-socket, etc.) to allow the fridge to run on 240V. If you are able to do so, I strongly suggest you test the fridge’s operation before installing it in the vehicle.


(Is your Transit-based camper a one-off conversion, or a recognised make/model? If the latter, it would be worth saying what it is.)

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Thanks folks!

It is a one off conversion - pretty basic, but there is a 240 hook up, a few sockets in the van, leisure battery, a zig unit etc.


Bought the 'build your own...' Book already, but the other looks really useful too.


Planning to get into van over weekend to sort some things out...I'll see how it all goes. ??

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newbie camper - 2014-08-07 6:08 PM


...do I need to install seperate rcd then...not sure there is one already ??


If your vehicle is already fitted with a RCD, plainly you won’t need to fit another one.


If there is a ‘consumer unit’ to which 240V-power from the hook-up comes and is then distributed to the mains-sockets, battery-charger (assuming there is one), etc. but this has no RCD, then it’s really up to you whether you add an RCD. The norm nowadays is to have an RCD, but that wasn’t always so.


As new consumer-units with an integrated RCD aren’t very expensive (example here) http://tinyurl.com/lv9628t and you could probably pick up a used one from a caravan breaker for a pittance, it would be sensible to fit one for the extra safety it provides.

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