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Avondale Mayfly


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Hello every one.

Are there any Avondale Mayfly owners out there? If I would like to chat regarding the Mayfly. We have had ours for 5 years now (it is a 1998 model) it came with a 1998 motor mover, the one with the handset attached with a wire. Two months ago the mover packed in and after a search on the internet and chatting to friends it seemed as though we would have to be with out one as the price of a new one was out of the question. Then someone advised me to contact a company called Apuljack in Somerset. They fixed the printed curcuit for £63 !

We also needed to replace the washroom sink. A company in Preston Lancaster called caravan panels have loads of moulds of caravan parts and they supplied me with a sink for £ 56.

Two years ago we lost the from locker in a gale on the motorway. It was found in a 1000 pieces so we got one from caravan panels.

Having an old van can have its problems re finding parts but if you look around you can find what you want.



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