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Remis Vario 1

Guest machra

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Guest machra

Sorry not sure if this post belongs in here but as this is free to collector I hope you will forgive me as I hope to do someone a good turn. This is too good to take to the council dump.


I have a new Remis Vario 900x600 rooflight if anyone wants one - see http://www.leisureshopdirect.com/caravan/ventilation/product_42222/dome_assembly_remis_vario_1_-_900_x_600.aspx


I received this under warranty when I had my Hobby and the winding mechanism on the fitted rooflight was faulty. Hobby sent me the complete rooflight as they were unable to just supply the mechanism, something about Remis only supplying complete units. Anyway rather than mess with the sealant removing the original rooflight I just used the mechanism.


So there you are, one new vario rooflight, MINUS winding mechanism, free to anyone who wants to collect from the Leighton Buzzard area. I

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