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A to B Best Electric Bikes


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Guest JudgeMental

Sorry but that a very narrow and selective list. Calling it the "best" simply ridiculous.....Peter Henshaw well known for his preferences and prejudices....


If interested in the best that Europe has to offer there is this site.




but even this is selective and reviews not always rated as fair by enthuiasts. You really are better getting impartial advice from E bike forums..I prefer the German one as its has more about high end bikes that interest us. but they cover all types.




UK company Wisper have some interesting and innovative new bikes out this year (both hub and centre drive)...currently exhibiting at Europes largest bike show, Interbike on Lake Constance. hope the weathers better then when we wer there in late July! *-)




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Guest JudgeMental

Just look at the list...consists of a bunch of out dated dinosaurs, it really is lazy journalism. 2015 bikes out now and not one mention, and certainly no mention of many that have been available for years. How for instance can they say the best and not review R&M ( riese & muller) they are available in UK and are beautiful bikes


kalkhoff get 5/5 and raleigh 3/5. identical bikes more or less


The Gepida gets 5/5 (bosch) they criticise old Yamaha Gepida bikes sytem but make no mention of new one. New Yamaha system now a challenge to Bosch and cheaper. There are other magazines around in the UK. I used to subscribe to Peter Eglans Electric bike mag which was not bad, but now get all I need from forums




but like I said earlier all these publications open to bias.....Best do your own homework, ignore sales patter, try a selection of bikes ( e bike shows good for this as, as all in one place) and spend your monies wisely........Happy cycling :-D




app that can be used to view magazines for free including ebike ones



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