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Has any one else noticed that some of the C. C. Club escorted tours in the new brochure take you only on a straight line one way tour. Like the Moroccan one you are taken a out 1500 miles then left to find your own way and campsites back to your ferry crossing.

Surly the idea of a escort is to guide and protect you in foriegn parts.


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Never done any escorted MH tours myself but I remember looking at one a while ago and was surprised that that one started abroad somewhere, so you had to get there under your own steam. Presumably it works, otherwise they wouldn't do it. Starting abroad will avoid having to incorporate ferry costs etc into the price and so make it look cheaper.


I dare say there are also tours starting and finishing in UK if you look for them.


I knew a chap who conducted escorted tours and I seem to remember that he did quite a lots of sorting things out for people, daily briefing about the route ahead, that sort of thing. He probably also pointed people in the right direction to get them homeward bound. They didn't travel in convoy between camp sites, just met up each evening at the next campsite and went on excursions together. Presumably the tour escort was available by phone if necessary when people were making their way on their own.


I don't think I could cope with doing that escorting job at all!

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No that is not the case.


Many on the C&CC Moroccan Tour we did chose to remain in Morocco after the tour. A member/reprehensive of C&CC remained with us for a couple more days. Others on our tour departed with the tour/escort team and stayed on in Morocco nearer to Spain. Others returned to the Spanish mainland with the team. In fact I heard that one client with vehicle issues was then taken to their workshop, near Malaga, where their problem was sorted at no cost.


I had no issues at all with the level of service provided during the tour that in fact it exceeded our expectations by far.


Not having done any other C&CC tours I have no idea regarding them but would be happy with the opportunity to continue solo is that was an option.


We are returning to Morocco again next year.



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