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Eyup has anyone on here heard of ahorn motorhomes theres one on ebay,2006,21ftlong,on a transit base ,for £19,000 ,ive never heard of them but husband was saying it looked nice for its money,(i have to encourage these little weakenings lol) so has anyone heard of them ? Thanks pp:)
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Ahorn (meaning Maple) is a German brand name and from what I understand much of the production comes from Italy - You will see identical models under the Rimor brand name.


On German forums I have noticed that most people are generally satisfied with their 'vans but have had a bit of a problem when they require spares as Ahorn in Germany, apparently, are slow to respond to requests and even slower in supply.

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Motorhomes bearing the “Ahorn” brand-name were marketed in the UK for a while some years back.


In 2006 the brand was owned by the Italian SEA Group that was taken over by Trigano about 2 years ago. As Frankkia says there was (and still appears to be) some sort of connection between Ahorn and Rimor (and Kentucky). The Ahorn motorhomes advertised in the mid/late 2000s in the UK were usually large Transit-based ‘family’ models as shown here:




This German website




refers to 2013/2014 Ahorns and there’s information about 2015 models, but I’ve no idea what the current status of the brand is as far as the UK is concerned.


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JudgeMental - 2014-08-28 2:00 PM


Bernie has got it right


is this it..thought you were after a panel van or a compact, this a 7 berth :-D




you do realise with all this prevarication you have missed another summer....



..or possibly this:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2006-FORD-TRANSIT-125BHP-AHORN-TF620-4-BERTH-LOW-PROFILE-MOTORHOME-/251625458861?pt=UK_Campers_Caravans_Motorhomes&hash=item3a960bccad ?


..Blimey Pam'..I thought that you were craving after a retro caravan a few days ago!? (lol)

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