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Hymer 644 door hinge just snapped - urgently needed!


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Help! Parked up in Brighton and top hinge on Hymer habitation door has just snapped! Have phoned round but none of the dealers seem to have any! Can anyone help - maybe point me to a good breakers yard? its a 1994 Hymer 644 A-class. Any leads much appreciated, thanks xx
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Billggski - 2014-08-29 5:18 PM


Hinges are pretty standard, not worth a manufacturer creating their own design, so if you can post a picture someone may recognise it.


I think Hymer may well have chosen to fit special door hinges for this era of their A-class motorhomes, as I vaguely recall looking (years ago) at an early-90s model and noting that the hinges were apparently fitted with grease-nipples.


GOOGLE-ing on “hymer door hinges” retrieves forum discussions that may be helpful, and GOOGLE-ing on “hymer door hinge images” should retrieve photos that may be useful for comparison purposes.


If Hymer were fitting ‘funny’ hinges to the doors of their B-series motorhomes in 1994, one would need to be very lucky to find a mid-90s Hymer (motorhome or caravan) in a UK breaker’s yard that had the ‘right’ hinges in good working condition.


As JudgeMental says, you could try asking Hymer themselves




or Hymer Club International might be able to help.



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Try Darren at Brownhills Newark, he's the Hymer parts Guru. Hymer will for a price send by next day delivery. I've had a water tank drain tap ordered before 12.00 noon (euro time) and received by me at 3.00pm next day by DHL. Otherwise you have to wait for the weekly overland delivery and onward posting to you. Simples


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starvin marvin - 2014-08-30 9:32 AM


Try Darren at Brownhills Newark..


I was going to suggest Brownhills..as a quick search(using images), the first image on the page shows a :

"HYMER HABITATION DOOR HINGE PRE 1997 " , from a Brownhill's ebay page..?


(oops!..it'll make much ,more sense if I include the link....... :$ )





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