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EC500 Power Control System With EC480 Control Panel.

Frank McAuley

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Re above I have observed that the 'BATTERY SELECT BUTTON' has 'self-selected' ( on the EC500 PSU) on a number of occassions showing the VEHICLE BATTERY as 'active' in the EC480 Control Panel.

This has taken place when the motorhome is hooked up under charge and the power button on the control panel ON.


Is this self activated selection of the vehicle battery a design feature and will it therefore eventually deactivate the vehicle battery and switch to the two leisure batteries?

I have it in my mind that the selection of the vehicle battery is manual and achieved by pressing the battery select button!


The two leisure batteries and vehicle battery are new and read in the control panel as in a 'good' state of charge; there is also a solar panel fitted and the motorhome is an Autotrail Delaware.


May I please seek your advice/opinions as to this scenario please?

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Hi Frank


What mode are you talking about - solar charging or mains charging ?


There is a useful guide you can download and it is the Sargent Electrical 'EC 500 Dealer Guide Issue 1' This tells you how to set up all the individual components of the EC480 unit, i.e. from the electric step control to solar charging system, mains charging system, battery capacity etc.


My system setup always defaults to the leisure battery first and you can then select the van battery via the battery select button.



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Hi Alan

Tyou for reply. This occurs when on mains charge and would not be an everyday feature as the normal situation is similar to you,ie, leisure batteries with manual selection of the veh battery by pressing the selection button.

I have never had cause to select the veh battery!


I have already downloaded the document you refer to when installing the batteries but it doesn't cast any light on this issue.



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I have spoken to Sargent a number of times re this 'issue' but I feel they are referring to the PX-300 ( in the PSU ) Intelligent charger sharing the charge between the veh and leisure batteries.

In my case - and also others- the PSU is self selecting the veh battery when the leisure batteries are fully charged and the battery select button on the PSU and control panel are illuminated !


I have difficulty in understanding the logic with this 'unauthorised procedure' but if it is a design feature- brilliant!


Now that I am aware that the issue in not peculiar to my motorhome I shall consult Sargent again but,meanwhile, any further offers of advice or info would be gratefully received. Thankyou.

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An update and thankyou to OUTANDABOUTLIVE and SARGENT:


I emailed Sargent yesterday re the issue and I received a most comprehensive reply this morning from their Design Techniciann Dan Howlett, viz:-


with an EC500 system , if the mains charger is switched on then it will normally be connected to the leisure battery(s) but will be monitoring the vehicle battery. If the veh battery drops below 12.5V then the system will automatically switch over to the veh battery for 4 hours to charge it. If the mains charger isn't switched on this won't happen. This is quite normal and part of the standard settings as the EC500 leaves the factory.


I you don't wish to have this feature enabled, then it can be switched off in the advanced menu BUT to charge the veh battery you would need to switch on the control panel and manually select the veh battery.


QED- aah contentment at last! ;-)

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