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air suspension


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hi, I fitted the air assist unit to my old hymer. Its an easy job to do. Anyway I found that the steering lost that over light feeling that sort of leaves you thinking are you going to make the turn or not. the hymer was better on the motorway with a firmer feel to it. I picked up a little compressor at the motorway services for 10 pounds just to allow me to play around with the units when on the move. I am going to fit to my new van when I sort myself out a bit.

mine unit prices have gone up. and a good tip is to wrap the units in old sacking tied off with cable ties. this keeps the stones etc from cutting the rubber. michael

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Wallynnette - 2014-08-31 4:25 PM


Ah! Sorry guys, info on air assist then please


I believe your Bailey Approach 745 is built on an AL-KO chassis that has a torsion-bar rear axle and independent rear suspension.


Air-assist kits for this type of chassis are considerably more expensive than those for a chassis with non-independent ‘leaf spring’ rear suspension as will be seen from the prices quoted here




Fitting a kit to an AL-KO chassis tends to be more complicated (hence more expensive if not DIY-ed) and I would have thought that, nowadays, at least a £1000 charge for supplying and installation should be anticipated.


This 2012 discussion may be helpful





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