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Towing a Toyota IQ


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If anyone is looking for a Toyota IQ to tow I have one for sale (2011) with 14000 miles on the clock, I also have a Brian James trailer fitted with a motormover just over a year ago. The trailer is going to be serviced on Friday and has had 2 new tyres fitted a few months ago. I will sell together or separate, sadly moving house means we need a big car again and I can't justify keeping the IQ even though it is zero road tax, if you are thinking of towing you are welcome to come and try it.

If you are interested just PM me and I will send the details, Mark

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Frank McAuley - 2014-08-31 9:07 PM


Hi Mark

Did you find the dream house in France?


Hi Frank,

Not sure if it is the dream or a nightmare, only time will tell, and doing it is the only way to find out.


The car and trailer was a good combination, as long as the car goes, I don't mind if I keep the trailer it would always come in handy but as it worked so well together I thought I would see if anyone else wanted the two.

Going back to France in about three weeks to try and get things finalised, I will let you know!




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