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Newark Show......just an opinion.


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Well, we went, for about 90mins tops.

Picked up some literature on LEDs, awnings and sunblockers, but despite the reduction from £7, to £6 I think it was a waste of time.

Fortunately got back in time to see Lewis Hamilton win at Monza.

I doubt if we'll bother going to the Lincoln one,


alan b

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We didn't bother with the late Newark show for the reasons given above. We did go to the one in March but won't again as once the weather turns its not much fun ... 2 years now we've gone for the weekend and for both years its been bad weather, last year all the stall holders closed up early on the Saturday and many didn't open up again, other didn't even turn up at all, due to the extremely bad weather ... so we won't do it again and instead will make our first outdoor show foray the Peterborough show in April.


As for Lincoln, IMV there's not enough there for a full weekend, but we'll certainly go for a long day's trawl around and hopefully see the Red Arrows again as they were fantastic last year! Fortunately for us Lincoln is only about 40 mins away so not a major problem.

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