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1st Motorhome...what do we need?


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We are picking up our first motor home next week and we were talking about what we will need to ensure we can just get in it and go when we decide to get away for the weekend.


What are peoples experiences of numbers of plates, cup, etc and also what else should we be thinking of loading it up with?




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Best thing is to take the van to a site near home for your first outing so you can nip home for the forgotten items.

You will need a means of filling the water tank and a separate small container for drinking water,

Enough forks spoons etc for the usual number of occupants plus a set for a couple of guests.

A small tool kit manual tyre gauge, pump torch EHU lead if not supplied.but most of all a sense of adventure and humour.happy travels .


God, nearly forgot, bottle , can opener. (>)

Oh levelling ramps, watch this space. (lol)

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The biggest thing you will need is a deep pocket!


Why would you need more plates, mugs etc than there are occupants?


Kettle, pots and pans according to needs, basic tool box so when something breaks you have a reasonable chance to fix it, chairs for sitting out, camera, paper towel, bedding, insect repellent, footwear for wet grass, toilet fluid, something firm to stand the driven wheels on to prevent them sinking on soft ground,.


Make sure you have enough gas and that you know how to use it and change a bottle when needed.


Understand how the water system and the toilet works such as filling and emptying.


Understand how the heating, tv and fridge etc all work on their various power sources of gas, mains or 12 volt.


Don't be afraid to ask the people next door if you get stuck as we are generally a friendly lot and we all had to start somewhere - even if it was too many years ago to remember clearly!

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pkc - 2014-09-10 11:56 AM


Why would you need more plates, mugs etc than there are occupants?


Depends on how sociable you are I guess. :-)


And the available space!


We have been invited for a drink with people we have met en route and have also been asked to bring our own glasses or mugs as they don't carry spares!


We do carry four of most things eatery and drinkery though!

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