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First Motorhome - Looking at private Burstner Nexxo T660


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


If you go to this website’s home-page you’ll find a “Motorhomes” section that provides access to a considerable amount of information that should be useful to you. For example




There are several books on the subject. For example




and a GOOGLE-search on “buying a motorhome” will retrieve plenty more information. The Camping and Caravanning Club’s advice is here




I believe Burstner has used the "Nexxo t660” designator for Fiat-based and Ford-based motorhiomes, but I think a 2009 model will be based on a Ford Transit Mk 7 chassis as reviewed in this October 2007 article




You’ve provided no information about your vehicle-related background, or how much research you’ve done before asking for advice. Motorhomes are complex and some of the appliances commonly fitted (eg. heater and fridge) are expensive to repair/replace if problems develop. If you are not ‘mechanically literate’ and/or have had no caravanning experience, buying privately (where it’s to be anticipated that the motorhome will have no warranty) carries obvious risks. This was discussed here




Best of luck - just be careful!

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Hello exciting time for you, it really will change your life.


We bought our first last year privately and it can be scary thought. Although I am confident in checking a vehicle mechanically (well as much as you can be). I had no idea about the complexity of a mhome.


We insisted on a full habitation check before we bought on the basis any issues would be rectified. This could be arranged by yourself, so you are the customer and the report comes to you first. Any seller who does not agree, has something to hide.


You could also consider a mechanical inspection also by an independent person.


I would recommend a full hpi check also, don't be surprised if there is finance showing, just make sure you pay it off when purchasing. That way you know it has been done.


The owner should be prepared to do a full handover and demo too.


Hope this helps.


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