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Tunnel frequent user


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Just a quick warning, I share a frequent user account with Eddie (judgemental).

Great system, you can book a day before and still get the reduced rate, and even buy extra journeys.

But.... I booked a return last week from Calais and the operator didn't ask my name, just the credit card details. So when I got to the terminal it was Eddie booked in not me!

My card and my vehicle but wrong name. Eddie had tried to warn me, but I didn't pick up the email and he had the wrong mobile number.

Luckily I had turned up early to get the dog's passports stamped, and after a lot of arguing was allowed on.

Just check if you are in the same situation.

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Guest JudgeMental

might be worth adding to the original sharing frequent traveler thread.....


It did not help that Bills mobile number on account was wrong :D. staff were amendment that he would not be able to travel as I was not in vehicle and advised to go to a manned both, which he did anyway as Bill has dogs...


An easy slip to make, just make sure your name is on booking and not your tunnel partner..Home safe and sound that's the main thing :-D

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Just to mention although it was booked in the wrong name, it was only the dog control that picked it up.

When I got to the check-in Eddie's name still came up, but I just ignored it, put my card in and went through to the train.

The credit card is the only identification needed.

One name for the booking, but a different one through passport control!

Open to abuse?

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