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Well I would never have believed it,!!


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Bought our van in 2007 ( 4th owners ). Now done 50,000 km. Drives well. I tend to drive at speed limit speeds everywhere . No problems except niggling one when hill climbing. When changing down through the gears it would rev up to about 3500 rpm and stay there, I could either buzz up at those revs or change up and risk losing speed. Last year I bought a cab carpet at Lincoln, when getting the van ready to go to Lincoln last week I Noticed that the accelerator pedal had been pressing against the carpet. Removed the carpet. Now the pedal pressed against the van plastic floor covering. No slack in the cable or pedal adjustment , so decided to cut a hole through the plastic floor covering, this allowed another 3/4 of an inch pedal travel . Transformed hill climbing, engine now revs freely up to over 4000 rpm which I presume is its governed speed. Must have been like this from new. *-)

Brian B.

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