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bicycle rack


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I have the Fiamma Pro bike rack and remove it occasionally if we are away for a while with out the bikes.

On the Pro the top fixing on the van is a bar arrangment which the carrier hooks on and the base is a bolt through bracket.You can easily remove the carrier but obviously the brackets are still visible. If you want a quick release then replace the bottom bolt with a safety pin of some sort .The PDf will give you some idea of the fixings on Page 2.

Good luck






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The bycycle racks are maily of two types. do yo mwant the clip at the back of the vehicle or on the tow bar. Also, some offers in the front as well. They are easuly available at many shps who dela in rcals. They mostly offer all rnake and type of rack. If you need them I can suggest some names to you.

first decide were they can fit the rack and what exact purpose you loking for. End of the day, a simple search on google can do the trick for you.

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