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Looking At Buying First Motorhome, Advice!


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My past experience of motorhomes is that many are unsuitable for child seats because the rear passenger seats also double up as beds so have squiggly foam. However, that was some years ago.


I picked this up from a website; it was posted in September 2014. It might give you food for thought.


In UK motorhomes, head restraints are not currently mandatory on rear seats and nor are Isofix anchor points, the fitting used to secure child seats to vehicle frames. However, some motorhomes for sale do feature Isofix and many do come with rear seat head restraints, although neither are currently mandatory.



I'm sorry I can't help you anymore on child seats.


You might find continental vans have more family friendly layouts.


You will also know children grow quickly so think of their future needs as well as current needs. For example, if you have children of different gender, would they share the overcab bed? We always went for 5 berth vans just in case one was ill or wet the bed!


Our boys liked caravanning until the eldest turned 11. They liked being settled on one site, being able to make new friends for a week or two. They were against a nomadic lifestyle. We moved to motorhoming to take them to Europe and they loved it. We feel caravanning with youngsters is easier than motorhoming with them. Dogs don't care! But they should be restrained in transit.


We also declined to join the narrow boat brigade because of the risk to the children and me.


We managed in 6m motorhomes and a 6.2m motorhome [our dog was a cross collie] but I reckon 7m would be a good size nowadays.


£70k is a lot money if the motorhome is going to sit on the drive most of the time. Keep back some money for the running costs and accessories you'll be tempted to buy in the first year.


Good luck with your search. We found motorhoming with our boys [both now in their 20's] great family fun [no TV] and stress releasing.



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maggyd - 2014-10-10 5:44 PM


colin - 2014-10-09 8:13 PM


May I suggest you hire a van first and see how you get on, as per Joe90 there are plenty of families in smaller vans who love them, VW T2's are very popular with families but myself think they are a bit too small.

Child seats can be a bit troublesome to fit in rear of motorhomes, you'll have to see how you get on, I think maggie might be getting confused (or I might be) I think it's only rear facing child seats that are a no go in most van front seats, but van (and handbook) are at 'new house' so can't check at moment,



(lol) I think its you Colin !! I cant miss it as its a bright red sticker attached to my sunvizer.




This is the label on our visor, whilst your van is newer and UK spec I would have thought it was the same, i.e. no REAR facing child seat, as this is the same label used on every vehicle with airbags I own.


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