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Enduro Motor Mover


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"Move your twin axle van with ease!”


Simple to use remote control, directs the caravan into any position required. Rotate the caravan through 360° degrees. Works on most surfaces in most conditions. Control when going up or downhill, control when hitching, control when unhitching."


This was the description of the supplied and fitted Twin Enduro on both the Purpleline and Autowfix websites that caught my eye and offered a solution to my problem of how to manoeuvre a Bologna twin axle caravan weighing 1500+kgs.


Autowfix came and fitted it and I was unhappy with it then. I insisted on another engineer coming out as I felt it must have been fitted incorrectly. The next engineer assured me it was correct and the mover was behaving how it does on a twin axle caravan ("ideal for hitching and unhitching" were his words). After using it on a couple of occasions I am still of the same opinion, IT IS USELESS!


Rotate the caravan through 360 degrees - Yes if you have a large area to do it or are willing to shunt it backwards and forwards for a couple of hours!


Directs the caravan into any position required - Yes if it is nearly in a straight line!


Works on most surfaces - Yes if going straight is your aim!


I now have a mover that is "not fit for purpose" and does nothing that I can't do with my car. I don't need a mover to hitch and unhitch, I want to be able to manoeuvre it. I have tried all the suggestions like lift the jockey wheel and drop the jockey wheel which makes no difference whatsoever.


I have sent several emails to Purpleline (none acknowledged) and also to Autowfix. The response from Autowfix is that this issue is Purpleline’s problem. I have now sought advice from Trading Standards and am now looking at the next option.


So, if you want to manoeuvre your twin axle caravan, buy very carefully.

>:-) >:-)

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You seem to have been sold a bit of a pup unfortunately hope you can eventually get it sorted these things are not cheap. I don't have to use one myself but if I needed to the one with caterpillar tracks that fits under the jockey wheel looks like it should work. John :-S
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