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canvas front covers for a caravan.are they useful?


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We have been using a Pro-Tec front cover for two years for one return trip to the Vendee each spring, a 1600 round trip. The first winter we had the cover we left it on. The cover certainly protects the front of the van from insects and stone chips, however there are some downsides.

Water manages to run off the top of the van and under the cover no matter how tight the straps are. So when you remove the cover in the spring there are still black water stains above the front window.

The idea of the cover in principle is good but materials and workmanship are, in my opinion as a customer who payed his own money for the item, a disappointment. After two trips the lower seam of the cover has split allowing the two layers of material to delaminate and the retaining strap which passes under the A frame rubs on the brake rod and is fraying due to its contact with the rod as it moves when actuating the brakes on over run.

I contacted Pro-Tec about these problems and they are sending some spare material so that we can affect repairs ourselves, they never mentioned the problem with the brake rod.

Is this product worth the £99 I paid for it; in my opinion no.

Would I buy another; no.

Hope this helps a bit.

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We have used a towing cover for the last 4 years basically from when after our first few trips out we found a stone chip.

It is a Protec and when we changed our van in July 14 the same cover fits well enough. We dont leave it on when parked (storage) at home but wouldnt tow without it.

Great to arrive and set up with clean face van.

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