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Eldiss Autoquest 175


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Has anyone got one of these? Thinking of getting one. Marquis has a Majestic one. Previously it was 3500kgs but It has been uprated from 3500kgs by Eldiss to 3650kgs. Marquis say they can down plate it to 3500kgs. Just wondering what payload would be left.

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Data for the 2014 3500kg version are here




while the Elddis figures for a 2015 Autoquest 175 3500kg are here




it looks like the 600+kg payload figures may include no allowances for water, gas, etc. And, as this is quite a long (7.2m) well-equipped design, those figures may not even include an allowance for a driver!


Looking at the layout, even if there’s ‘only’ 400kg user-payload available at 3500kg (with a 75kg driver, fullish fuel and fresh-water tanks and a gas-bottle allowed for) it should be OK. Depends, of course, on whether heavy extras (tow-bar, awning, scooter, etc.) are added and how many people will travel in it.


Best really to insist that the vehicle be weighed (overall and axle-weights) before committing to the purchase.

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