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steve g

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Hi every one thanks for all tips and advice given to me on my

Eerbspacher heating system and a special thanks to Tracker

and his wife for the visit to us to pass on tips and advice on how

to use our Starburst to the max ,and Derricks advice to contact

Carwood,s in Coventry they were fantastic..

They tested my heating system reset and tested again and reccomeded

i fit a new 110ah 12v battery.£75 for battery £50 one hr labour +vat

so £150 all in I was there 4hrs .They even printed manual and set panel up for Auto.

So will be trying heating out this weekend and many more to come over

the winter we might even go away for Christmas.

So its thumbs up to Carwoods and it proofs its worth going to the experts.

Cheers Steve G

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Cheers Steve - you are most welcome anytime if you need to talk.


If you intend spending more than a night or two at most off mains and without some driving I would really suggest adding a second leisure battery to be sure of not having a cold night followed by a cold shower, especially as there is plenty of space in the locker close to the original.

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