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2015 fiat headlamps


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Hi Lenny

We have a 2013 Exsis I 578. So will it be easy to change the headlamps to comply with driving on the right in France & Spain.

Have you done it on yours yet as we looked under the bonnet but didn't really know whether we were feeling for a switch or something you slide from one side to the other & it's difficult to see at the back of the lights.Hope you can help.

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It's a 5 min job to do both sides, remover the rubber cover on the dipped lamp feel in the back for a lever and push it round as far as it will go about a quarter of a turn. Watch your arms on the rough fibreglass. edge of the bonnet opening (it hurts). This will adjust them to flat dipping.


Is your van LHD or RHD?


Worth checking the beam pattern first, if yours is RHD could still be LHD units adjusted for flat dipping.


Mine is LHD (had to change them for VCA) I leave them set for flat dipping, the amount of difference is not that great and when it's dark usually parked up for the night not driving. (lol)

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I'm sure that this may well become a recurrent issue since the new X290 facelift came out for the Ducato, but, like Tom, I'm importing a LHD Ducato-based motorhome, and need some RHD Headlights just to enable it to get Registered in the UK, after which the LHD Headlights will be going back on as we take it to Europe...


Does anyone have a set they can loan to me, or sell to me, to enable me to avoid the cost of brand-new ones from Fiat, please?


Thanks everyone!


Kind regards,



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Carolina - 2015-03-11 9:27 AM


I recently checked the price with Fiat dealers and they quoted me £750 for a pair! 8-)


When you checked, did the Fiat dealers quote for a pair of standard light units, or for units with the integrated strip of LEDs?


It was warned in another forum thread that the headlamps with LEDs are around twice the price of the standard light units.

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If the right-dipping headlamps of the LHD Ducato motorhome you are importing has LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), then replacing them temporarily with LED DRL left-dipping headlamps should be a simple matter of disconnecting/removing the original headlamp units and installing/connecting the temporary replacements. Similarly if your right-dipping headlamps have ‘bulb DRLs' - replacing those headlamps with left-dipping headlamps with ‘bulb DRLs' should be very easy.


I don’t know whether replacing an X290 LED DRL unit with a ‘bulb DRL’ unit (or vice-versa) would be more complicated, but there’s the possibility that each type of unit is cabled slightly differently. It’s probable that Nick Fisher (euroserve) would know if that’s indeed so.


I was really more interested in the £750 quote that Carolina mentioned, as the Fiat Ducato X290 left-dipping ‘bulb DRL' headlamps advertised on ebay were offered at £310 for a pair.


In this earlier discussion




Nick quoted £962 (VAT inc) for a pair of LED DRL units, or £398 (VAT inc) for a pair of ‘bulb DRL' units.

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