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Has anyone used Easy Mifi Spain?


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Hi there

We are planning a trip to Spain for a couple of months, to decide if we actually want to buy a motorhome and therefore hiring one. we need reliable wifi access and I came across Easy Mifi they tell me I will be able to watch UK TV (I presume using a proxy server?) Sky, BBC etc etc with this. I am technically challenged with this sort of thing :$ .

This is what they tell me, will it work is my question!?


The average of the download speed with easymifi is 10 Mbps and can reach 21 Mbps. Our devices provides unlimited connectivity at full speed, so its perfect to watch content online like videos.


Many of our clients have rented our product to watch online TV and playing videogames without any problem. We offer unlimited connectivity without restrictions and surprises in the bill, and any other company in Spain can offer you this.


All help appreciated.

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I have not heard of Easy Mifi before but I presume it is similar to our set up.


We use an Infinity Wireless IW-007 unlocked Dongle which plugs into your laptop via a USB connection. When you arrive in Spain, or any other country, you go to the first town and find a mobile phone shop. You then buy a data only sim card which you fit into the dongle.Sometimes we are asked for a local address but when the situation that we are touring is explained the assistant usually manages to find a suitable address. Last time we were in Spain we used a Yoigo phone card, last week in Germany we used an O2 card, it does not matter which provider you use- we have also used Vodaphone & Orange in the past. The card usually costs about 10€ and gives you 2GB of data connection, often however they will throw in an additional weeks allowance.


To get UK TV abroad before you go sign up to MyExpat- network, it costs £5 per month and you can renew your subscription monthly or let it lapse at the end of the first month. When you log on via the dongle, fully automatic, easy to follow instructions to set up, you first log on to My Expat Network which has the effect of making the TV companies think you are in the UK and letting you see TV programmes no problems whatsoever. We watch all terrestrial channels and Sky regularly but need to remember to your Sky password.


Hope this helps, any further info required just come back or PM




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Thank you so much,

No, I don't think it is like a dongle, it is your own personal wifi spot that is portable here is the link, https://www.easymifi.com/en/ it states it has unlimited data, which was my worry and I could connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Not cheAp cost 270 euros for 8 weeks, but I really do need a wifi connection for my uk business. I presume my expat network will work with this. Now have to find out what my Sky password is!!!!!! Hopeless with stupid passwords!!!! Thanks so much for help. Fiona

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