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Burstner Levanto 576 2008 - buying advice - & winterisation ?


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Hi all,


I am new to the fourms and to motorhomes purchase but have been lurking for a while. I have hired in the past, spent a lot of time in caravans and indeed boats


I have spent some time looking for used models privately and dealerships and the recent NEC show and have recently been quite impressed with a private sale 2008 Bursnter Levanto 576 on a Ducato cab.


I have read the excellent post on buying generically here (or at least the answer in that thread)




And will be taking that advice but wondered if any forumites had any feedback on this particular model ? (or very similar sister models) And niggles or "known draw backs" that aren't obvious ?


One of the (many) reasons for purchase is go skiing in alps - it has an inboard fresh water tank but waste tank slung underneath - but insulated. Do many make this work in alpine winters and either just pour antifreeze in the waster tank before use - or just leave it open to drain through into a bucket ? Any advice welcome the fully double floor insulated models in my price range with the right layout seem rare.


Lastly the dreaded "reverse judder" - would this model be prone to this ? So many web posts it's confusing to be honest. - I haven't driven yet but of course will prior to purchase. Is there anything I can do as loads of potential models I might buy are on the same fiat chassis.


thanks in advance for your help

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