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My 13ELE2000 Radio/SatNav/


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I believe that when the Sat-Nav is in operation, you are UNABLE to use the radio and CD player.

Mine was the 12ELE2000, Didn't get on with it at all, replaced it.

Did you not get the manual when you picked up your Van ? Ray



By the way, Autotrail got the Units from these people :




Don't think they actually manufactured them,probably imported them from China ?

But they MIGHT have a manual....perhaps.

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Yes you can use the radio/CD/USB at the same time as the SatNav. See my reply on the other Satnav thread.


You can how to operate each part of the head unit, i.e. Radio/TV/USB/CD/SatNav on the AutTrail website. Juts go to the bottom of their opening page and at the bottom under the heading company select AutoTrail TV and you will find AutoTrail You Tube videos of each operation and on the SatNav one it tells you about the SRC/Nav button.and there is a good one on that complex credit card sized remote control unit.



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On our Autotrail unit, you press and hold the SRC button while on the radio screen, and it changes back to the Sat Nav screen with the radio playing on the chosen channel. Voice turn prompts override the radio.



On ours (and on the one that it was replaced with) then that's only true if you're listening to VHF/FM radio, if you were on MW (e.g. 5 Live) then when you press the SRC button it switches back to the last FM station instead!



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