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Caravan Awning - Pole verses Air

CSC Cyclist

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I am in the market for a caravan awning. I have got an Isabella winter porch awning but want a full size family awning 1050 size.


My porch awning seems to be of excellent quality so I am quite keen on the Isabella range from experience with my winter porch.


But I have seen these new air filled awnings - has anyone got any experience with these - would you recommend?


Alternatively I am looking at a full size 1050 Isabella awning with carbon poles. Plus I will want to add at least one separate sleeping annex.


Let me know your thoughts on these or if you know of anyone with the air / pump up awning and how they have got on with them.

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Only a personal observation from what I have seen on sites, is that the air filled pole versions tend to look a bit sad after a while, so I do not know how often you have to give an encouraging pump !


Following a thread on this (or maybe the CC forum), a poster said that in reality, using a pump up version really did not save too much time as the majority of the time was spent in hammering in the pegs. And the weight of the canvas etc was about the same as an ordinary awning.


Probably depends on how much flop you can put up with *-)


Out old Harrison with steel poles is bomb proof !


Our outdoor revolution with whippy poles moves around like a hot air balloon in any thing stronger than a light breeze.


Jury is out on the air filled version at the moment.


That said we did have an air filled tent in 1977, shows how ideas seem to sink and reemerge,



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Hi Colette, My wife and I always ended up arguing when putting up pole Awnings (We still have 3 in the Garage) so when we bought our new van during the summer decided to try a Vango VARKALA 420 and to be honest best money we've ever spent on a awning,


Easy to put up and take down, Pegging out is the same whatever awning you buy but I find the hardest part is putting thru the awning rail and again whatever awning you buy its the same, it can be assembled by one person although to put in the rail is better with two, but one in the rail Heidi gets inside the caravan and makes a cuppa and i've normally got it up and the corners pegged down by the time shes made it , so have a quick break then finish pegging..


as for looking sad we had ours up for 10 days and still looked as fresh as the day we put it up, the 420 is the biggest one they make and is plenty big enough for us but weighs less than the full size awnings we have in the garage..


I would recommend the Vango Air awnings as it has seperate beams which although takes slightly longer to inflate less chance of losing air and easy to repair if you get a puncture..

Good Luck with whatever you choose my my vote definately goes to Air ;)


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Les Medes - 2015-04-14 8:27 AM


I am interested in the Kampa Air Pro, can anyone tell me if this awning has metal upright poles against the van or is there another "tube or beams" or nothing at all

Hi Les, we are presently using our Kampa Air for the first time and it seems great for us. The poles you mention are an optional extra which we have but are not using at the moment.. The awning inflated in between 15 and 20 strokes of the pump as we were told it would do.

Up to now I would definitely recommend.

Good luck



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