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Peugeot Boxer Battery & Fuel Heater Light

Grave Maurice

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Tonight I noticed that the battery warning and fuel heater (glow plug?) warning lights remain on at a faint glow on my 2014 Boxer based Elddis Autoquest.


They may have been on during the day but I only noticed them driving home in the dark.


When the engine is turned off the continued to glow faintly for a good few minutes.


The Peugeot handbook only refers to the lights being fully illuminated.


Anyone any thoughts or experience of this?



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A GOOGLE-search using “dashboard lights glowing faintly” (omitting the quotes) will show that this phenomenon is not that unusual, and the reasons suggested range from poor earthing to imminent alternator-failure.


I’m going to suggest that a) this should not happen and b) you won’t be able to fix it yourself.


As your motorhome is so new and must be under-warranty it would be sensible to seek advice from a Peugeot agent. The glowing may well be due to something minor and inconsequential, but it would be much better to establish as soon as possible if that’s the case rather than find out the hard way that it’s not!

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You are not alone with this one and it does seem to be the instrument panel.


See http://www.motorhomefacts.com/ftopic-174889-days0-orderasc-0.html


Mine also does this, although with two different lights, and will be going to Peugeot shortly. I'd forgotten about it until the dark nights arrived, but it will have to be fixed because of the liability of failing the MOT.

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