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Seat belts


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John.N - 2014-11-02 6:41 AM


Is it legal to carry passengers in the back of a two berth van which has seatbelts only for driver and a front passenger? Can anybody tell me of a company which will fit additional seatbelts in the U-shaped lounge?





Is it advisable ? only you can answer that.

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I believe John’s motorhome is a 1999 Auto-Sleepers Legend.


The relevant UK regulations are explained here




and there are plenty of other websites advising on the subject (GOOGLE on “motorhome seat belts”)


As I understand it (given the age of John’s Legend) it would be legal to transport adults (ie. people over 12 years of age) in the UK in his motorhome’s rear unbelted seats, but not chidren.


I can’t advise on companies prepared to take the responsibility involved in fitting supplementary safety harnesses to a U-lounge’s seats. This MHF forum discussion refers:




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