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Oyster Sat Dish Channels No's

starvin marvin

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Maybe there is someone out there who can help. Recently changed the van and the dish/receiver searches for the channel requested and therefore locates the appropriate satellite.


The question(s) is does anyone know the channel number(s) of Channel 4 TV and BBC R4?? I have this strange feeling this ain't going to be simple.


There does not appear to be a name on the sat receiver. It was fitted by Hymer when the vehicle was built, as was the dish.

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I no longer have an Oyster but from memory, if when you last updated you used the universal update file they will start around 1000, if you used the UK file they will be the first ones starting at 100.

I'm assuming it is an Oyster receiver.


Can you update via satellite? if not, you need to update via the RS 232 port using Hyper-terminal or Ten Haaft include a program TVboxedit with their download which makes it a bit easier. Once you have done this update you will be able to update via satellite.


Have a look here.


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