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probably because a couple of magazine 'tech guys' have actually cut a lot of 'so called' leisure batteries in half to look at whats 'in them' . And found that quite a lot were just 'badged up' as leisure batteries but were nothing of the sort. The one's that REALLY were 'Leisure batteries' worth the name were : Banner & Varta, (and a few more, whose names escape me ).heavy internal plates etc., sorry but i can't remember the articles, one was by John Wickersham (of Motorhome manual fame).

When my leisure battery failed a 'drop test' (whatever that is ?) at it's last habitation service, I bought a Banner, expensive at £110 for a 110 ah. But it has a 4 year warranty. Ray





ps Just looked and Platinum is listed as one of the 'Good' ? leisure batteries, but the banner has an extra years warranty .

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Solomongrundy - 2014-11-11 12:05 PM


Any comments please about the quality of Platinum 110Ah Leisure batteries at £75 – good, bad or indifferent?


These are a couple of John Wickersham battery-related articles






I think the Varta Hobby battery hallii mentions is a genuine deep-discharge battery (not dual-purpose) and the Banner “Energy Bull” battery Rayjsj bought certainly is (though Banner markets this as a 100Ah battery and the information about it on the Alpha Batteries webpage contains errors).


Regarding Platinum-branded batteries, an article in 2010 praised the performance of the Platinum and Banner batteries that had been tested. But that does not mean that the £75 Platinum battery you are asking about is what was being tested 4 years ago.


It’s possible that there is more than one range of Platinum-branded ‘leisure’ batteries, or more than one 110Ah battery, so if you can provide a Platinum reference number to identify exactly which battery you want advice about, that could help. (I have to say that, based on pn-line asking prices, £75 seems cheap for a 110Ah Platinum leisure battery.)


This earlier forum thread may also be helpful




Besides comparisons of price, warranty-duration and like-for-like Ah capacity, other considerations will be the physical dimensions of the battery (if, say, it has to fit beneath a cab-seat) and whether or not it is ‘sealed’ (ie. whether its electrolyte-level can be checked and topped up if necessary).

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The battery is 110Ah Platinum Leisure Battery (6110L) with a three year warranty


The reason the price is probably lower than normal outlets is that my nephew works for a Motor Factor and Uncle, me, gets a decent discount – it better be a decent discount or he's off my Christmas list!


Thanks for the helpful replies.

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