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France 2015


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We are off to France next June. Bit concerned about electric hook up , would my usual British lead work on French sites? or do we need a work around. We are staying on a mixture of sites and Aires for about 1 month. Any help or advice would be most welcome



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Hi, no need to be concerned. Your normal electricity lead will be be fine assuming that it is terminated with the normal blue plug and socket, with a couple of conditions. On some sites you may extra long leads, therefore it may be wise to bring 2 leads. The length of each should be such that you could reach 50m-60m in total. If you stay on some sites you will also need a short converter from your socket to 2-pin side earth that seems to be standard in some of the older installations in France. Some sites have these to borrow or sell. Caravan accessory shops have these for about £7 or so or they can be got on line maybe cheaper.


Aires tend to have the normal fittings, although I have seen the 2 pin types on these also.


You may need a polarity tester, you will see this advice in several forums. We are going to France for many years and although I have the tester and associated reversing plug, I have never used it. For most appliances I don't think there is any safety issue. If you search the forums you will see the issue debated to death with differing viewpoints, some OTT.


This link from the Camping and Caravan Club givesyou to a wealth of information on electricity issues and all other information you may need to enjoy your holiday. http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/travelabroad/guidetosummercamping/onyourholiday/electricity/


Just go and enjoy yourselves, France is a beautiful country.

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