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Sleeping bag reviews and recommendations


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I've recently been planning a trip which involves sleeping in a tent/my car, only to realise I no longer have a suitable sleeping bag.


I've found a Gelert bag at a good price but with no reviews.

It is needed for sleeping in temperatures around -2 to 5°C


Has anyone ever used this sleeping bag (link below) or have any recommendations for similar bags at a decent price?

It says in the description it's suitable for colder climates but I'd have liked to know a little more about it before I purchase it.




I don't really know a lot about the technical side of sleeping bags and what is good for warmth/comfort etc.

Also, if I were to purchase this bag would it be suitable for summer sleeping or would I need to purchase one made from thinner materials?

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Hi Jess

Welcome to the forum

Can't really help with that bag, except to say sounds very cheap, and looks a bit "snug" Make sure the size is big enough for you, before buying. Personally I find it difficult to sleep in a bag, so would want to be able to move a bit in it


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