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replacement 5th gear


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Sheila.


It might be helpful if you provided details of the year of manufacture of your Boxer and the motor fitted to it, though I’m guessing that (because you want a 5th gear and have mentioned “HDI”) it will have been made somewhere between 1999 and 2006.


Your first port of call should probably be a Peugeot main dealer (see comments on the following link)




You might also try seeking advice from here




As you may well be aware, problems with 5th gear were not uncommon with the 5-speed manual transmission of 999-2006 Fiat Ducatos thatwere muchthe same as Boxers and, provided the damage was not serious, repairs were reasonably inexpensive. So a company specialising in Fiat Ducatos may be able to source the part you are looking for (though it seems that the same part might be cheaper from a Peugeot specialist).


This may be of interest



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My advice would be for you to approach independent gearbox specialists to rebuild your 5th gear. Until recently I owned a Peugeot "Boxer" based motor caravan (1996 Phase1, 2.5 TD, 5-speed manual, 3.25 tonne MAM) and never had a problem getting my gearbox repaired/rebuilt - although I could write a small book about the gearbox problems I had!
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