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flat battery

Dave p

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Hi everyone

I have a aventgard 200 on a Peugeot boxer with a solar panel on roof which keeps my leisure battery charged perfectly. Unfortunately I have a flat battery on vehicle side of things (sorry new to all this) could my solar panel keep this battery charged if I set control panel to vehicle. And is it safe to jump start from another vehicle . Any advice please.

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Hi Dave and welcome to the madhouse!


I've never had a van like yours so I don't know if that will work for charging your engine battery, but below is the kind of thing that will, and is what I, and several others, have used for years to keep the engine battery topped up via the solar panel with a primary function of charging the leisure batteries.



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It would be helpful to know the year of manufacture of your Avantgarde 200, but I’m guessing that it will be early-2000s and (if that’s so) the information on Page 22 of this 2003 Elddis document will apply to your motorhome’s control-panel.




Advice about the panel’s AUX/VEH switch is



When the switch is in the “Veh” position the motorhome 12-volt system is powered from the vehicle battery. When it is in the “Aux" position it is powered from the motorhome’s auxiliary battery or the 12-volt charger/power supply if the motorhome is connected to a 230-volt supply.

It is recommended that the motorhome be used in the “Veh" position sparingly as prolonged use without running the engine can flatten the vehicle battery.”


The implication is that the switch only allows selection of which battery is used to power the the motorhome’s habitation electrics, but does not permit a choice of which battery gets charged. Consequently, if your solar panel only charges your motorhome’s leisure-battery, moving the control-panel’s switch to “Veh” will NOT cause the solar panel to charge the starter-battery. As Tracker advises, you’ll need another means to do this.


Regarding 'jump-starting', there ought to be something about this in your Boxer’s Peugeot handbbok.


Boxer handbooks are available on-line going back to mid-2002




and (in the earliest handbook) there is basic advice in the “PRACTICAL INFORMATION” section on how to start a vehicle from another battery. The procedure advised is what one might expect.

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