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Draughty cab X250


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I know that this has been mentioned before, but i couldn't find it, to update the original post.


On X250 cabs, especially when using it in the Winter months, and our Cold Springs/Autumns, there is a terrific draught that comes into the cab via the Cab seat bases, on Both sides of the cab, If you look in a direct line down just after the Fuel filler, look up underneath the van and you will see 2 'Plastic Vent outlets' with rubber 'Flapper valves' behind them, this is the cause of the Draught, There are 2 on the Drivers side as well, but on my R/H drive van both of these had the Plastic 'Bungs' already in place, SO, I only had to get 2 'Bungs/ Trims' for the Passenger side.

The Fiat Part number req'd is 1355707080.

See Here for a picture: http://www.atocuk.com/general-information/technical-hints-and-tips/


Having just fitted my 2 trims, I can tell you that they are now £5.80 each + vat.

to fit them you have to remove the 'Flapper' trims first.

Do they work ? I'll let you know after Easter.



PS Here is also a Link to a Company that specialises in fixing the troublesome Autotrail Media Systems,

after warranty runs out : http://www.lesevans.co.uk/index.html

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Duct tape did the trick for ours Ray and cost nowt as I already had it!


Look also around where the seat belts enter at the base of the door pillar and at all the holes in the battery box under the floor.


Shine a torch at the cab door seals at night and see if they too need adjusting.


There are also vents in the door cards part way down the door pockets that let half a gale in. I know they are supposed to ventilate the door to keep moisture moving but given how long we keep our vans I can't worry about that!

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Ours has been a problem for draughts since we bought it new 6 months ago. I have tried my best to reduce it by using foam with some degree of success but can't wait to get my new Apache in June so we no longer have to sit in the front seats!
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