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A customer of ours, lovely chap, died a couple of years back absolutely swore by the place.


Never been so I won't pass comment.


He was a very wealthy man (beds, if you're curious), and of all the places in the world to holiday in he chose there 8-)



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Guest Peter James

My sister lived in Benidorm for 12years, loves the place, and hates the TV programme because she thinks it shows Benidorm in a bad light. Maybe it does, but its only based on Benidorm, not factual, more like a caricature that is exaggerated for entertainment. Benidorm reminds me of Newquay - fabulous beaches - it can get crowded and rowdy, but you don't have to move far to escape from it. The surrounding area is as scenic and nice as anywhere else in the country.

Incidentally I always thought there was money to be made in selling beds. A salesman tried to sell me a mattress he called 'orthopedic' for about 4 times the price of a normal mattress. When I asked him what makes a mattress 'orthopedic' and cost so much more than a normal one he sounded pretty unconvincing *-)

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