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Taking a Thetford Fridge to bits - - Help


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Just been away in the camper and a friend who has hands and the finesse of Homer Simpson has pushed the fridge controls in for our fridge (see picture)
Anyone know how the plastic surround comes off?
Or will I have to take the fridge out to unscrew from the inside?
Thanks in advance


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Not exactly sure which model you have but I suspect that the fridge will have to be removed to get behind the panel. On my N80 model that panel is a fixed part of the case and all the controls are located behind it on top of the fridge. If you are lucky it may be possible to move it out enough to get access without disconnecting gas liines, but if not, then sorry removal is the only option.


Also you may need to see what damage has been caused, as it may not be a case of simple 'push back'. If any doubts get the professionals to do the job.

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