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No fridge, gas stop end needed.


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You might consider a short length of rubber hose hose from a bottle fitted regulator pre bulkhead high pressure hose maybe?) with any sort of bung in one end (old bolt or piece of wood suitable size comes to mind) and slide it over the copper tube and secure each end with a jubilee clip as a temporary solution to enable you to use the rest of the gas system.

As it is low pressure it does not take much to stop the gas flow.

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Personally, I think I'd still prefer to be blanking the end of the fitting as though....

If can't easily get hold of a female blank or male insert/slug locally, then they are(should be)readily available online for a couple o' quid.


Are you trying to save the pipework that was feeding the original fridge?( in case it comes in handy?), if not then at the very least I'd be cutting a short nut'n'olived piece of it to use as Tracker suggested..

(ie hose, jubilee clips and a suitably sized bolt).




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