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It might take a week to cross France...!!!!


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I don't speak French and I've used the translater for this, maybe someone who speaks French could just make this below a little better to understand. I get the gist of most of it and I think that Rennes maybe a place to avoid after September.


And maybe MMM could run an artical on the facts.








Reduced speed in town: everywhere in France, fighting against abusive limitations!






20 km / h in less of Rennes on the ring road, the A20 restricted to 90 km / h near Limoges or even an entire city at 20 km / h ... Everywhere municipalities lower the speed limits. Project which is mobilizing against the League for the Defense of Drivers: in Paris, your association has managed to dam the project to reduce the speed to 50 km / h on the device, the first step towards a generalized struggle against all cuts projects speed in France.




In downtown or on the peripheral ring roads, cities are more and more numerous in France to take anti-car measures, beginning with unjustified reductions in speed limits. Example in Rennes, where the municipality is in the process of extending the zones 30 with the objective "to reach 80% in 2020" according to the mayor, which indicates clearly that even "50 km / h in town, it should become the exception! " ... Drivers, you understood the message: we do not want you here, and if we tolerate you is to not even on the boulevards! On the Rennes ring road also, speeds will also be lowered to 20 km / h, in September.


A Mende, it is the whole of the area inside the boulevards bluntly been limited to 20 km / h recently, while several neighborhoods on the outskirts are spent in zone 30. On the A9, the speed can now be lowered to 70 km / h between Montpellier and Narbonne. At Limoges, the speed has been limited to 90 km / h on the A20 motorway, and 110 km / h on the A39 near Dijon. And Strasbourg, the mayor wants to reduce speed to 70 km / h on the A35.


The League of Defense of Drivers is firmly opposed to this type of lowering the speed projects, unnecessarily and unfairly penalize the drivers - because if one understands the need to slow down near a school, why limit the speed evenly in a city 20 or 30, and including large four-way axes?


Proof that mobilizing, it is possible to prevent this kind of project: thanks to the responsiveness of our Ile members, the League of Defense of Drivers could oppose the ridiculous time project of lowering the speed 50 km / h on the Paris ring. On two occasions between January and March, we made dam and environmentalists in the capital elected bearers of this absurd project with our petition "No to the ring road at 50 km / h" and our alerts addressed to the Mayor of Paris , who confirmed in a letter that a further reduction of the speed on the ring was not on the agenda.


Still, the first deputy of the City of Paris Christophe Nadjovski just reaffirmed in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper his willingness to lower the speed on the device to 50 km / h. Obviously, this obsession turns to obsession with the elected ecologist. In this interview with Le Parisien dated May 17, bluntly titled "Car You do not need to move in Paris" , the latter book its wildest autophobic projects: "empty the transit traffic from the center" , do de Paris "a vast area 30" , or even "sanctuary" the woods of Vincennes and Boulogne in piétonnisant them ... And, best of all, turn the device "into an urban boulevard where traffic speed does not exceed 50 km / h " .


This relentlessness illustrates the need for the League for the Defense of Drivers to continue daily, never lower our guard, the fight against unjustified speed decreases risk ... if not, to see elected officials and lobbyists autophobic eventually succeed to impose their anti-car projects. After the match against the Device at 50 km / h, and we will, together, try to extend this fight throughout France, wherever abusive speed limits are put in place to block the autophobic measures.


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malc d - 2015-06-05 10:18 PM


Before we all panic, can you tell us where this came from and who wrote it ?





Sure thing Malc...


Read more








Association Loi 1901, non-profit, the League of Defense meets Drivers reasonable drivers to fight against the excesses of road safety. It acts independently and does not receive any subsidy.


Its action is based solely on the generosity of people aware that this is not by acharnant, as is done for ten years with the radar on people who do not have a dangerous operation, which save lives .


If you want to support our actions to go from arbitrary repression effective road safety policy, you can make a donation on our secured page by clicking






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A bit more here but in French.




Informations mai 2015


Ligue des Conducteurs





Défense Conducteurs Infos - mai 2015




Madame, Monsieur,


C'est le branle-bas de combat à la Ligue de Défense des Conducteurs ! En ce moment, notre équipe est sur tous les fronts, pour gagner la bataille contre les baisses abusives de la vitesse.


Contre la généralisation du 80 km/h sur route, nous nous démenons pour organiser, grâce à votre soutien, notre contre-offensive sur le terrain : groupe de contre-experts, déplacements sur les zones-tests de l'expérimentation de l'abaissement à 80 km/h … Et dans quelques jours, j'ai rendez-vous avec des élus locaux qui, eux non plus, ne veulent pas du 80 km/h chez eux !


Mais la bataille est encore plus rude que ce à quoi je m'attendais : en plus du 80 km/h, les pouvoirs publics sont en train de multiplier, partout en France, les abaissements injustifiés de la vitesse. Sur certaines autoroutes, on roule à 50 km/h, et des villes entières, grands boulevards compris, se retrouvent à 20 ou 30 km/h.


Ensemble, nous devons donc mettre les bouchées doubles pour lutter contre les mesures anti-vitesse qui se multiplient un peu partout en France.


Très cordialement,


Christiane BAYARD

Secrétaire Générale



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Dave, to get to the sense of what is being said, you'll need to put up the original version, in French. Google translations are very clever - but not that clever!


The gist is, as anyone can see, that this organisation is against the introduction of lower speed limits. However, as a pressure group they are probably, as pressure groups tend to do, exaggerating in order to create a sense of panic in the hope it will draw in support to their cause. What I can understand seems to lack specifics and appears, on the face of it, to be little more than generalisation based on little fact.


My experiences over the past few weeks suggests to me that the French have begun to revert to their previous disregard for speed limits, rather than the quite rigorous adherance to them that I have been noticing over the past few years. Either that, or the Savoyards never changed their habits, whereas most of the rest did!

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Guest pelmetman

RE: It might take a week to cross France...!!!!


What do you mean might? :-S ...............Took us 10 days to get back from Spain......but it is uphill ;-) ........



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I suggest that anyone looking for further info should Google " The Connexion " ( an English speaking French newspaper ), and enter ' speed limits ' in the search box.


A number of articles there about relevant proposals in France.


I personally have decided not to panic.




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Malc, I'm not going to panic either. I'm going over there on Wednesday B-)


Brian. Wish I hadn't started this.. :-D but if you google this.... newsldc@liguedesconducteurs.org and you've time on your hands, it may answer a few things.


The forum is interesting, I only read the 1st, 2nd and last page, and no, I haven't donated ;-)



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