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Help please wiring 12v switch


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We've recently taken delivery of a (new to us) Elddis Autoquest 200. I keep leaving the loo light on and it struck me that one way of reducing the number of times I do this is to replace the light switch to an illuminated switch.


I bought an illuminated 12v replacement switch on EBay and took the old one off, expecting it to be a straight swap. In fact, the back is very different (see pictures). Has anyone any idea how I should wire up the new illuminated switch?


The top picture is of existing switch and the bottom two pictures are of the replacement switch.






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An illuminated switch has to have a return (earth) connection for the lamp as well as a switched feed to the appliance, so if the circuit doesn't already provide for this you will need to run an extra cable to earth to use the lamp. The fact that your existing switch was connected to three wires could simply mean that the supply was looped through so that it could serve other outlets. So get your multimeter out and check what happening.


The simplest way to provide an earth return for the lamp on th switch might be to run a cable to the light fitting in the toilet, where there will be an earth return for the lamp.


12v electrics are not complicated but if you don't understand these instructions get an autoelectrician to do the job for you, otherwise you could get some unwelcome sparks or other surprises fumbling around.

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It would seem from your photos that your replacement switch is a "Clipsal architrave single 10A 2 way switch 12v with 12v red lamp”.


I can’t find any on-line wiring instructions for this, but I suggest you begin by wiring the switch element of the new switch so that it turns the toilet light on and off and then ‘piggy-back’ the red lamp on to the + and - terminals of the switch so that the lamp illuminates only when the toilet light does.


This discussion may help




I’m not going to guess which terminals on your replacement switch the wires currently connected to your ‘old’ switch should be connected to, but once you have managed to get the replacement switch to turn the toilet’s light on and off (and it’s likely that the markings on both switches will allow you to accomplish this straightforwardly) it should be easy enough to work out how to connect in the red lamp.

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Hi, On your existing switch terminals you have one cable and two cables. The single cable is the one that goes to the light and the two cables are the 12v + that is looped to the next device. In the NEW switch usually the centre terminal is common to the other ones but you can check with a multimeter.


To get the indicator to light when you switch the light "ON" you will need to take a cable from the single core to any terminal in the lamp and then fit an earth to the other terminal on the lamp. JOB DONE.

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