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Hob Ignitor then AES Fridge Problem


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Had a sticking hob electronic igniter problem, which then decided not to work at all. Thought I'd just have a look but unfortunately seemed to short it out which must have blown a fuse or relay as now the AES fridge/freezer does not work either. Have checked all fuses and all ok. Did find that the 20amp refrigerator fuse had blown so replaced this but still no fridge working. To make matter worse, after replacing this fuse now find that the Schaudt LT500 control display shows a red light above the leisure battery symbol.

The leisure batteries are fully charged and all 12v systems (excluding the fridge/freezer) work fine.


Would appreciate some assistance on way forward on this ASAP as have a full freezer load of food and my beers in the fridge will be getting warm.




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