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Leaking New Injector? high revs when cold starting


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Had what a thought was fuel starvation, engine chugging along for a while then cleared, until the next hiccup. Long story but December 2014 Fiat agent "refurbished No 4 injector, said OK and billed me £331." Took van home but before I got there the fault was back. I took it back to garage on the Monday, when they then told me the Throttle Control Valve was stuck, but they wouldn't charge me and had replaced same with another out of a van that was going back to Fiat. Again no charge and feeling it was now OK took it for a drive before placing in storage.


In January 200 miles into France when in idle/neutral the engine started hunting. Everything else seemed OK so carried on and did a lot of mileage before returning back to UK. Still hunting, another fault occurred. Within 30 seconds of starting from cold the revs went from 800 to 1200 stayed there for about 30-40 seconds then went back to normal. Only did it when vehicle left over 4 hours. Went back to same garage for them to diagnose but their computer kept "going down when communicating with Fiat". Somewhat annoyed with this excuse I decided to go to another Fiat garage in another town. I realized they would have to start from scratch.


This Fiat garage said the Lambard Sensor was faulty because there was water in the connection. Also that No 4 Injector was faulty and would have to be replaced. They found the reversing light switch was broken and they had to trace the wiring and also found the connections near the fuse box were also wet and they would have to replace a connector and switch. I said go ahead and replace those parts which brought my bill up to £600+ without labour charges. The hunting didn't stop after the Lambard Sensor was fitted. Reversing switch actually does not work and light OK. After new injector fitted hunting stopped. However the cold start and the revving from 800 to 1200 still there and it has to go back to garage yet again (29th June)


I've contacted the first Fiat Agent and am negotiating a rebate. Yet to hear.


I'm concerned also that the new injector is leaking fuel, because you can see an oily patch around no 4 injector. Inserting a cotton bud in the space yields fuel and copper coloured sealant.


Recently took van for shower tray repair - worked thank you very much and that garage was also a Fiat agent who suggested that the revving engine was "field regulator in the alternator" which when in high revs wasn't charging the battery. Can anyone shed any light on this please.


You'll be pleased to know that I have found several screws, bungs missing and also the windscreen scuttle had lots of dirt lodged in the corners which I've since cleaned and like Brian and Glynis at http://themotorhomeyears.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/teething-troubles.html? I have managed to put a pipe through the nearside bung hole which now carries excess water away. I am going to use a silicone sealant when I'm convinced I've found the leaks. Hopefully no more in electrics.


Sorry to be so long winded but I'm a very frustrated lady who has had 66,000 miles of fun from my Fiat engine/motorhome until it started misbehaving last year!


Many thanks Ann

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