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Wel im a newbie just put a deposit own on a Eldis auto guest pick up early July . Purchased from mar quest Preston .they seem a nice friendly lot and they where very helpfully ,and I'm sure they would be when spending cash .

So people any comment regarding marquest . And any help regarding this motorhome it's needs a micro wave TV and reversing camara and bike rack . Do I buy them from the dealer or does anyone know where I can buy the above

Regards decker

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Most dealers would offer to fit accessories as extras to the sale. Have they given you a quote? Everything you mention are standard options for most dealers.


For TV you need to decide on terrestial freeview or satellite, or both.


See this previous post for some discussion of reversing cameras - http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Anyone-tried-these-cheap-reversing-cameras-/38542/



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