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Warning Gas


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For those who have posted on my previous thread regarding the purchase of gas in France this is the next and I hope the final post in this saga.

For those who have not read the previous thread, I urge you to read what has been posted.

After purchasing a 'Cube ' gas container and seeking advice from a very helpful lady in a large outdoor retailer who assured me that the regulator supplied with the gas bottle and my bulkhead fitted regulator would be o.k.

After reading on here the doubts about two inline regulators, I went in search of an adapter that replaced the regulator on top of the Cube.

Having searched and found a large ourdoor retailer with a very knowledgeable chap who looked inside our gas locker and after much head scratching and making pipe connections that appeared to fit the new adapter and connected to our bulkhead regulator.

So off we set hoping that after diverting around Northern France, we could at last begin our 3 month adventure around France.

That afternoon we checked into an A.C.S.I. site prepared a meal and enjoyed a glass of the red stuff.


Just as we were preparing to retire to bed, a loud explosion came from the side of our motor home.

We raced out side to smell gas and the unmistakable hiss of escaping gas from our gas locker.

When I opened the locker door the connecting pipe from the gas adapter had burst spewing gas into the night air.

I managed to turn off the gas.

Shaken we returned inside our camper to reflect what could have been a potentially catastrophic accident.

Of course the pipe connecting the adapter to the regulator was of a low pressure type.

Feeling totally deflated that after days of trying to purchase a system that would suit our motorhome and despairing at the cost in not only cash terms but wasted time.

Out of pure desperation I contacted the A.A. and asking them to recommend a motorhome specialist in Northern France. The initial response was to point out that they really only delta with breakdowns but detecting the anxiety in my voice, searched and found a motorhome repairer 60 miles to our north.

The next day we drove to the company, the mechanic looked at our gas locker and shook his head in disbelief.

He produced the correct high pressure hose, fitted and tested the system and within half an hour we were on our way. This time feeling confident that we had at last solved our problem.

Now others on here have suggested purchasing a gas bottle and the suitable connections from a supermarket or petrol station. These outlets may be fine for a standard set up, but maybe unfairly I theories that supermarkets sell food and petrol stations sell petrol.

After my experience of a cost of well over 100 Euros and probably 4/5 days diverting from our original planned route I would suggest anyone purchasing gas in France, consider the cost of a gas glow system in the U.K. or find a proper motor home outlet in France.


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Bloody Ell John! 8-)

Glad you are all ok.

I was in the same position as you last year and we found it very difficult to understand what we actually needed and ended up not getting anything as we ran out right at the end of our trip. Thanks to these posts I now have a far better idea. (I have two 13kg propane bottles at the moment)

To anyone not going down the Gaslow route (like myself) I think what you need is below but I am sure someone will be along to confirm this shortly.

I have an Elddis motorhome which I take to France regularly. I would like to be able to use French gas cylinders and believe that I need an adapter or suitable pigtail to be able to do this. Do you stock such items, please? 

A popular cylinder in france is the 'Le Cube' and the adaptor for this is our part 135408 You can use your existing pigtail if you are currently operating on butane (blue gas bottle). If not then you will also need pigtail 119869.


Enjoy your hols John.
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