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I bought our motorhome here in spain and the hook up lead I got with it has the blue CE17 socket one end and a normal Spanish 2 pin plug the other. The Spanish 2 pin plug has been compatible with all the Spanish sites we have been on, but on a recent trip to France I had to borrow an adaptor as the two pin plug didn't have a hole for the French earth pin. Likewise when we came to England we had to borrow adapters, because I made an adaptor cable with a normal 13amp 3 pin plug on. I didn't realise in the UK they use the blue CE 17 system (which I have never come across in Spain or France). My question is, I want to make two adaptors for my lead and I have totally forgotten if the blue socket/plug on the UK campsites is a male plug or female socket. Also if I buy a normal French 2 pin plug, will it have a hole for the earth pin or is it a special one. Thanks Derek
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