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Knaus TI van 550md 2013 - broken heating vent


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Floor Heating vent rotating fitment with direction flaps - any ideas how to remove the old one - have been told by dealer that it just unclips from the housing. The new unit sent came joined with the housing, this was bad enough to split. (the fitted housing cannot be removed) Not much space to work in vent is located behind drivers seat.


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Adrian.


The Knaus website indicates that the heating system of a current-model Van TI 550MD uses a Truma “Combi” air/water heater.




and the panoramic view shows that Truma end-outlets are fitted to the blown air trunkings.


These outlets come in differing designs, sizes and colours, as shown on this link




The type of end-outlet usually fitted is the “End Outlet (EN) with air throttle” that has a threaded male rear section that screws into a fitting to which the blown air trunking is attached. The air throttle ‘butterfly’ can be swivelled and rotated within the end-outlet or be removed from the outlet.


An “End outlet (EN) without air throttle" is also marketed and a “Lamella insert (LA)” can be obtained that attaches to that product and can be rotated to adjust the direction of the air flow. The lamella insert just clips into the end outlet.


Removing a lamella insert from an end-outlet may well prove much more difficult than inserting it into the outlet. If this is what you have I’d be tempted to remove the ’slats’ from the original lamella insert (I’d probably use wire side-cutters) to gain access to the two plastic ‘legs’ that grip the inside of the end-outlet. I suspect that - once the slats have been removed and the insert’s rigidity has been reduced - it should come out fairly easily. Or just use pliers to grab one of the slats of original lamella insert and wrench hard. As your original vent is already damaged, there doesn’t seem to be anything to lose.


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Thanks for that ,I have gone back to the dealers Lowdhams and they are going to do it free of charge as it happened under warranty, maybe they will show me how they do it as the other vent has broken as well and I have to cover the cost of purchase (or maybe be lowdhams will fit it as a good will gesture) as Knaus are not interested as it is 27 months old.
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