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Fiat ducato clutch problem


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Hi We have had to leave our rapido 7099f in France to be repatriated in a few weeks to be repaired in England. The problem was a faulty clutch that stuck to the floor and we managed to get a few miles by pulling it up with a foot before it stuck to the floor completely. It's a 2008 year has anyone else had a similar problem and can offer any advice for us to pass on to our garage.. Grateful for any help

It's been a nightmare returning home and leaving it inFrance..

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I did not mention that our MH was diagnosed at the roadside with problems on the clutch slave cylinder replacement kit clutch and fly wheel.

The MH prior to the problems had been parked on a grass site in very hot weather and a particularly heavy rain storm. The first manoeuvre was reversing the MH and a loud noise appeared to come from underneath as if something had been run over nothing was found upon inspection. We wondered if this has any bearing..

We have read some previous forum that suggests it might

We have only owned the home 8 months and are novices.. Some of the repair costs will be covered under warranty but we have to find a garage and we would appreciate some help on thi. We live in Belper Derbyshire so somewhere close would be preferable.

Any advice/information is much appreciated..

Thanks Pedrosita

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If the pedal has gone to the floor, it may well be the slave cylinder but before removing the gearbox to do that; it would be worth getting the master cylinder that is above the pedal checked.


If there is a hydraulic problem (indicated by the pedal going to the floor) there is no reason to suspect there is anything wrong with the clutch or flywheel.



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Sorry to hear of your misfortune. At the same time am wondering why you don't have it repaired in France.

My dealings with recovery and repairs in France over the years have always been positive. When our old VW (at only 35k miles)needed a new head gasket it was fixed quickly and competently by a Peugeot garage in a small town in rural Burgundy.

Routine servicing is also cheaper, even at a main dealer, and they may very well wash it too!

Best of luck anyway.

Ron Pharo :-D

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As Nick said,


Most likely to be the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder, any COMPETENT mechanic or garage will be able to diagnose when they get the vehicle.


The BEST way to get off on the wrong foot with the garage is to say "we looked on the Internet and it's probably......"





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